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Biote Core 4 Nutraceuticals Package

Biote Core 4 Nutraceuticals Package

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Core 4 Nutraceuticals Package includes: ADK (5 or 10), DIM SGS+, Methyl Factors, and Multi-Strain Probiotic (Save 10%)

Multi-Strain Probiotic: Helps to replenish and support healthy bacteria in your gut. The gut plays a vital role in the recycling and metabolizing or hormones, including thyroid hormones and estrogen. It contains 20 billion active cultures per capsule to support good gut health and a strong immune system. 

DIM SGS+: Studies show, this natural component can balance the metabolism of estrogen in the body. Found in cruciferous vegetables, DIM can be beneficial for breast, uterine, cervical, and prostate health. 

ADK 5 & 10: A combination of protection and absorption for the body. Vitamin A is required for normal development, growth, and maintenance of the bones. Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin essential for maintaining normal calcium metabolism.

Methyl Factors: Provides 5 essential methylation nutrients in a concentrated & comprehensive formula. Methylfolate, active B6, active B2, active methyl B12 & betaine. Helps to support proper estrogen metabolism. Helps support healthy homocysteine levels.


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